Your Trading Framework

Understanding Trading Edge

If you don’t understand basic probabilities and the concept of edge, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever become a consistently profitable trader. These are some of the most fundamental and important concepts you’ll learn, and grasping them will influence everything for the better in your trading going forward. Learning these concepts will help you with your strategy, your psychology, and every other area, because everything is built upon these principles.

Edge in Action: Expectancy and Frequency

This is where your understanding of basic probabilities and edge will be taken to a more practical level, as you learn how to put these concepts in practice in the real world. Understanding how to calculate the edge and overall value of any strategy will allow you to monitor your trading much more effectively, while keeping you from falling into the trap of being attracted by high percentage winning methods that actually lose money overall.

The Importance and Dynamics of Position Sizing

Position sizing (also known as money management) is an area where most traders make big mistakes, and these mistakes prove to be fatal. This is the one area that will have the largest negative impact on your trading account if you don’t understand it correctly, and this session will give you an introductory understanding of it while demonstrating its importance from a practical standpoint.

Position Sizing in Action: The % Risk Model

Now we take your general understanding of position sizing and apply a specific powerful model to it. This model, when used consistently and correctly, will keep you in the game and allow you to survive for the long-run. It’ll make all the difference in your trading, and we delve into it while providing you with tools to instantly apply it to your trading.

Understanding Drawdowns and Risk of Ruin

To survive your learning curve and last for the long-run, you need to have an intimate understanding of the realities of risk and losses- both from a mathematical and psychological standpoint. We delve into this in this session, while preparing the way for a practical application of all the principles.

Drawdowns and Risk of Ruin in Action

Understanding risk and drawdowns without putting the principles into practice will do you no good. Now we dive into the practicalities of applying all of the principles to your own trading, while guiding you with some simple and powerful rules that will keep you safe across markets and time-frames. By the close of the session you’ll be firmly equipped to use the principles to protect and grow your trading account.

Understanding the Hidden Psychology of Losses

The most common reasons that traders fail is that they don’t accept losses and end up taking very large losers. But instead of just trying to force discipline, understanding the underlying psychological reasons that make you prone to taking large losses will put you in a much better position to actually take control of this issue. Knowledge and awareness have great power, and this session will give you much deeper insights into the psychology of losses than you likely currently have.

Overcoming the Hidden Psychology of Losses

It’s one thing to know and clearly understand the problem and its causes. It’s a whole other thing to know and understand a solution to that problem. Once you do, you will look at losses in a whole new way and be able to overcome any issues with discipline. And this will make all the difference in your trading and your chances of prospering over the long run.

Systemizing Risk Management Through R-Multiples

It’s one thing to be told to be disciplined with your risk management. It’s another thing to be given a simple and easy to use system that shows you how to finally be disciplined. This session will give you that system, which will bring together everything you’ve learned and combine it with some simple concepts. Having this in your tool belt will allow you to survive for the long-run as you naturally focus on the most important things in trading.