Your Setups & Execution

The Secret (and Psychology) of Good Entries

You can have great market understanding and a solid strategy, but if you’re entering inefficiently, at best you will be greatly underperforming, and at worst you can turn a winning strategy into a losing one. This session goes deep into the mechanics of entry, while debunking some long-held myths that have hurt traders. Your trading will gain a large edge when you understand how to enter trades correctly, and what to avoid doing despite the ‘common wisdom’ out there.

The 3 Fade Setups (Part 1)

There are a nearly infinite number of scenarios that can arise to provide you with a good trade in the market. Organizing them into 3 broad categories of setups simplifies things and gives your mind more structure to work with. This first setup that you’ll learn about will allow you to see many different trades under a common lens, and will give you a better understanding of how to actually trade based on everything you’ve learned so far.

The 3 Fade Setups (Part 2)

Having 2 additional setups to use to fade the market provides you with more opportunities for good trades when the contextual backdrop isn’t as clear. Being able to combine the setups also increases your accuracy and gives you some some great high odds trades.

The 5 Techniques and 3 Rules of Effective Profit Exits

Profit exits is one of the areas that traders struggle the most with. And yet it’s also one of the biggest determinants of your bottom line and whether you will ever find success as a trader. Even profitable traders can greatly improve their results by improving their exits. By learning various exit techniques and having rules to guide you in their implementation, you will avoid many of the mistakes most traders made, while learning to maximize your profits on any trade you take.

The Exit Techniques In Action (Part 1)

It’s one thing to know general principles and rules. It’s another thing to know how to put them into action. This session teaches you how to do just that, showing you what types of orders to use, along with providing you with practical insights to improve your exits. The smallest improvement in this area of trading will produce very large improvements in your bottom line.

The Exit Techniques In Action (Part 2)

It’s not only about knowing where and when to exit. The great traders have the ability to actually hold the trade and sit through scary retracements on the way to their extended targets. This becomes much easier if you have a powerful and effective method to help you. That’s precisely what we delve into in this session.

The 2 Setups for Getting On-board Trends Early

While trend days happen a minority of the time, they can provide huge outsized profits to those who know how to detect them and get on board early. The 2 setups you will learn, along with all the mental and technical rules accompanying them, will equip you with the ability to jump on board and have some of the largest profit potential trades that can be found in the world of day trading.

Riding Trend Days With The Fade Setups (Part 1)

The great traders often don’t have much greater accuracy than the rest. Rather, they have some huge winning days that end up creating a great bottom-line. Part of their secret often lies in what you will learn in this session.

Riding Trend Days With The Fade Setups (Part 2)

To have huge winning days, it helps to have more tools in your repertoire to give you better odds of catching the right waves during trend days. With 4 more setups detailed using real-world scenarios, your skill set will be better equipped to take advantage of these high profit potential days.

Maximizing Profit Exits On Trend Days (Part 1)

If you could learn how to consistently maximize your profit exits on trend days, your bottom line would make a substantial improvement for the better. We show you the most effective and powerful way there is to do just that. Knowing how to do this can literally be a game changer for your trading.

Maximizing Profit Exits On Trend Days (Part 2)

The more skill and finesse that you have in exiting the intraday trades you use to ride the trend, the more profits that go straight to your bottom line. This session equips you with techniques and special rules to get the most out of your trend trades, while giving you more flexibility in terms of which trades you can enter.

Advanced Setups and Techniques

Once you’re a consistently profitable trader, having advanced setups to add to your trade plan can result in more frequent opportunities and larger overall profits. The awareness of the principles behind the setups can also help you with your profit exits in certain situations. Overall this session will show you how to add to your bottom line once you’ve already become competent at the basics.