Training Session Details

By the end of this session you will:

  • Know the # 1 entry rule that very few traders and trading educators understand and apply
  • Understand why this rule can greatly benefit your trading, and why ignoring it can kill your bottom line
  • Clearly understand why intraday candlestick analysis will never give you a trading edge, despite everything that is taught in the books
  • Be able to think correctly about entries to allow you to apply the principles effectively in your own trading

The benefits this session will give you:

  • You can have great market understanding and a solid strategy, but if you’re entering inefficiently, at best you will be greatly underperforming, and at worst you can turn a winning strategy into a losing one. This session goes deep into the mechanics of entry, while debunking some long-held myths that have hurt traders. Your trading will gain a large edge when you understand how to enter trades correctly, and what to avoid doing despite the ‘common wisdom’ out there.


The Secret (and Psychology) of Good Entries Key Takeaways (PDF)