Your Mindset

Proven Methods & Techniques for Handling Emotions

A lot of what’s taught in the trading psychology space either rests on incorrect assumptions, or fails to be effective in actually handling emotions in the midst of the trading day when the pressure is on. Once you learn to separate the myths from reality, while gaining very practical proven techniques for dealing with emotions in the midst of the battle, you can separate yourself from the vast majority of traders and finally be able to trade near your optimal level.

Proven Methods & Techniques for Mental State Control (Part 1)

If one side of the coin in trading psychology is handling emotions, the other side is mental state control. The two are closely linked and greatly affect each other. Even when you learn how to handle your emotions, you won’t trade anywhere near your best until you learn how to control the mind which gives rise to emotions. This session dives deep into a powerful technique for mental state control, while setting the stage for true understanding of the vague concept of trading discipline.

Proven Methods & Techniques for Mental State Control (Part 2)

The more tools you have for quickly controlling your state of mind, the more you will be able to actually do it once the pressure is on in live trading. And when several powerful techniques are combined, your mastery over your state of mind will be greatly increased. This mental state mastery will be one of the largest determinants of your bottom line, and is what separates the true professionals from the rest.

Achieving a State of Confidence at Will

The number one thing that all traders need to trade well is confidence. With it, you can easily pull the trigger, take good trades, and bounce back from losses. Without it, you’re left hesitating, fearful, and easily broken by losing periods. This session dives deep into the subject of confidence and equips you with methods and techniques for achieving confidence quickly, while maintaining it more effectively. The outcome is a greater ability to trade your plan and achieve more consistent results in your trading.

Channeling the Harsh Realities of Trading Into a Psychological Edge

If you can’t deal well with the harsh realities of trading, you don’t stand a chance at long-term consistent profitability. But what does it really mean to deal well? This session will show you how to think outside the box and transfer what was previously the biggest difficulty into perhaps your biggest asset.

The 4 Major Psychological Traps and How to Avoid Them

As human beings we are susceptible to certain psychological biases that can cause very negative consequences to our bottom line in trading. When you know what these biases are and how they trap you, you’ll be able avoid them and the mistakes they cause. And the more you can do this, the better your trading results will be.

Overcoming The 3 Hidden Obstacles to Good Profit Exits

Letting your profits run is one of the most sacred rules of trading, yet you will have great trouble with it until you look at the hidden obstacles that stand in the way of actually being able to do that. Once you've understood these obstacles and have the solutions, you’ll finally be able to do what you couldn't before, and your bottom line will show it.

Achieving Peak Performance Through Mental Modeling

It’s great to know many different psychological techniques, but they’ll be of limited use unless you can actually apply them during the heat of the battle. This session gives you a very effective strategy for doing just that, while equipping you with a method to become the trader you want to be much faster.