Training Session Details

By the end of this session you will:

  • Understand the 3 key foundations for having good trading psychology
  • Know the #1 trading psychology myth and its negative effects on your trading
  • Have a deep grasp of the most powerful method for handling your emotions
  • Understand the emotional continuum, while having 3 proven techniques for staying in the right part of the continuum

The benefits this session will give you:

  • A lot of what’s taught in the trading psychology space either rests on incorrect assumptions, or fails to be effective in actually handling emotions in the midst of the trading day when the pressure is on. Once you learn to separate the myths from reality, while gaining very practical proven techniques for dealing with emotions in the midst of the battle, you can separate yourself from the vast majority of traders and finally be able to trade near your optimal level.


Proven Methods & Techniques for Handling Emotions Key Takeaways (PDF)