Training Session Details

By the end of this session you will:

  • Understand what trading discipline really is, how it differs from what is commonly written or taught about it, and the subtle yet far-reaching effects of not practicing it correctly
  • Become aware of how you can use what quantum physicists are discovering to your great advantage in trading
  • Know and have a deep grasp of the first technique for controlling your state of mind and how you can use it in different trading situations

The benefits this session will give you:

  • If one side of the coin in trading psychology is handling emotions, the other side is mental state control. The two are closely linked and greatly affect each other. Even when you learn how to handle your emotions, you won’t trade anywhere near your best until you learn how to control the mind which gives rise to emotions. This session dives deep into a powerful technique for mental state control, while setting the stage for true understanding of the vague concept of trading discipline.


Proven Methods & Techniques for Mental State Control (Part 1) Key Takeaways (PDF)