Training Session Details

By the end of this session you will:

  • Understand how to apply a contextual intraday read of the markets using market internals
  • Be able to recognize the ideal market situations in which to use market internals, and just as importantly, be able to recognize when to avoid using them
  • Be able to spot meaningful divergences and extremes in the market internals in the right contexts, to allow you to gauge likely market direction going forward

The benefits this session will give you:

  • For equity index or stock traders, knowing how to combine market internals into your contextual market reads will give you an edge over most traders. While everyone is focusing purely on surface level price and indicators, you’ll be getting a look beneath the surface and increasing the odds of catching great trades, while avoiding the hidden traps in certain types of price action.


Interpreting Market Internals in Context Key Takeaways (PDF)
Interpreting Market Internals in Context Drills (PDF)
Interpreting Market Internals in Context Answer Key (PDF)