Training Session Details

By the end of this session you will:

  • Understand the ways in which broad categories of day types can help you in better characterizing and analyzing the markets intraday
  • Know the 5 categories of day types we use and what each says about who is in control of the market
  • Know an array of stats about day types and highs/lows that will assist you greatly in reading and trading the market intraday
  • Be able to identify which type of day any given market day falls under

The benefits this session will give you:

  • Having logical categories of day types that you can place single market days into takes the complexity of the markets and makes it more manageable and understandable. Being able to identify the day types- especially making an educated guess of it early in the day- while knowing the stats that accompany each type of day, will give you a major edge in reading the markets and eventually in trading them better.


The Real Nature of Intraday Market Behavior Key Takeaways (PDF)
The Real Nature of Intraday Market Behavior Drills (PDF)
The Real Nature of Intraday Market Behavior Answer Key (PDF)